This project has the purpose to involve the fundamental concepts of structured dielectric materials, photonic crystals, as promising candidates for advanced information processing with the unique property of light localization as a nonlinear light-matter interaction phenomenon. Considering this background we will concentrate our investigation on dynamical control and manipulation of light in new kinds of deterministic aperiodic photonic lattices, in an effort to open a new field of photonics research.

Experimental setup

Therefore, the CompsLight project will focus on theoretical understanding and for the first time experimental realization of different kinds of complex deterministic aperiodic photonic structures by light itself (optical induction of lattices) using different classes of multiple non-diffracting beams. Control and manipulation of light diffraction and localization in these complex photonic lattices is a rather unexplored topic, and will thus be thoroughly investigated in this proposal using theoretical, numerical, and experimental methods. The most important outcomes of the project execution will consist in the establishment of a strong research base in nonlinear photonic investigations, especially in the field of light propagation and localization in optically induced complex photonic lattices. We believe that the proposed project will help the communication and further application of our results.

Control and manipulation of light in complex photonic systems.

Supported by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia, IDEAS, 7714356 – CompsLight.